How To Get Your Church Involved

  1. Everyone orders their T-Shirts
  2. Wear your Taking The Rainbow Back T-Shirts in busy public places as a group
  3. Utilize the videos and graphics (see below) in services and social media
  4. Make sure to photograph and video your Taking The Rainbow Back group activity. Send us your video and photos as a testimony to the world!

    Here are Some Ideas:

    1. Hand out bottles of water in a public place
    2. Hand-out popsicles at a park, baseball field, or other public places
    3. Go on a walk together at a busy park
    4. Go to indoor/outdoor shopping mall together
    5. Use your imagination to identify the best public places in your area
    6. A special rainbow evangelistic tract is in development-check back for availability

Make sure to view our keys to effective witnessing.


Here are several items for you to use in your services and social media.

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