Keys to Effective Witnessing

  • Rely on the Holy Spirit

    The most important thing to keep in mind is to be led by the Holy Spirit. Yeshua said, “Look around the fields are white for the harvest.” Pray and ask God where He would have you go, and then go to that place. More than likely you won’t have to go too far.

  • Don’t Overwhelm

    We recommend that you keep your witnessing team to no more than two. So, if you are in a larger group and begin to engage with someone, we suggest that 1 or 2 of you continue to witness and the rest of the group moves away. They can pray from a place where they are not a distraction or noticed.

  • Hand-Outs

    Another great strategy is to give out something, like a bottle of water. This helps draw people in right away. It can help you break the ice and start a conversation. Make sure and visit our store to purchase Special Rainbow Evangelistic Tracts.

  • Can I Pray for You?

    Once a connection with someone is established, ask them how they are and if you can pray with them. Sometimes you might even ask if there is something in particular that they would like prayer for. You will be surprised at how many people will let you pray with them. Prayer is an intimate and engaging thing that really breaks down walls and barriers and opens the door for further conversation. After you have prayed with them, ask them something like, “what do you think of Jesus?”. This strategy of first building a relationship through simply asking someone how they are doing and praying with them is important and fruitful. People are put off if you try to go right into a full-blown gospel presentation without first developing a friendly dialog.

  • The Power of Your Testimony

    What do you say once you are in conversation about the Gospel? Keep it simple. At the end of day, the Gospel is simple and its Good News! Many people think you need to be some theologian to share your faith, but you don’t. One thing that people can’t argue with is your personal testimony. What Jesus has done for you. Yeshua said, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony!” On the note of arguing, don’t do it. If you must, just walk away. We truly want to win hearts and not arguments.

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